Etienne did an amazing job taking photos at our wedding. He managed to capture the most special moments in his natural style and nothing appeared too forced. He captured a real sense of the fun and enjoyment and memories which we will treasure. We could not be happier with our photos and Etienne has been a pleasure to work with throughout. We would highly recommend him to anyone considering hiring him as a wedding photographer. Thanks so much Etienne for all your hard work, our photos are perfect.

Alex and Leigh-ann

About your wedding

Be the early bird, booking your wedding photographer early saves disappointment. If you like my style, drop me a message and let’s get something pencilled in. I don’t only have to be your photographer, I can help you with recommendations, suggestions and also point you in the direction of other vendors. Let’s face it, in the last seven years I have been to a lot of weddings and I now know what does and what doesn't work. I also have good relationships with some of the most popular venues in Guernsey and can liaise with them about any concerns you may have. Sometimes just having a third party to discuss your plans with can bring light to things you hadn’t considered. Think of me as your photographer/wedding consultant.


We will talk through my style which, I would describe as reportage, the literal definition being “the factual, journalistic presentation of an account”. I shoot weddings as they happen in an honest, natural and unobtrusive way. I like to portray people and events as they really happen, recording real moments and memories for you to treasure and not spend all day inventing them. I won’t be asking you to pose at all and there really is no pressure for you to perform. There will be no messing around with flashes or hours of family photos just a quick stop of at one of Guernsey’s beautiful locations of your choosing so you can have a quick walk and let me photograph you from a distance. The aim is to keep everything as natural as possible. It’s also a great excuse to get away from your guests for twenty minutes and enjoy some alone time before being bombarded at the reception.


Weddings give me a real buzz. I love how they mostly follow the same rules but are all so different. By the end of the day even though I have been just a fly on the wall, I really feel like I have made a bond with you and your guests, to the extent that you start pre-empting when things that are going to happen. Getting married myself this year has also given me a real sympathy to some of the stresses leading up to your big day, I can now offer you an insight into what matters and what doesn't. 


I like to be transparent about my costs and the way I work is - I would rather be paid to do my job as a photographer, photographing and editing your wedding than trying to sell you prints or albums. My prices start at £1,000 for weddings taking place Friday - Sunday and £500 Monday - Thursday. There is more information on the COST page of this website. I can also provide bespoke quotes should your wedding plans not align with my examples. Post wedding,  I can provide advice on where to get prints to suit your budget and also websites where you can create your own albums for a fraction of the cost that I would charge, with stunning results.


To be pencilled in now or to book a meeting with me please use the form below.

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