• Wedding fayre this Sunday

    Wedding fayre this Sunday

    If you and your partner are thinking about getting married in Guernsey in the near future come along to the wedding fayre at Castle Cornet this Sunday. 

    Entry is free and it is open from 2:00 until 5:00pm

    I will be offering 10% OFF any wedding dates penciled in with me at the fayre.

  • Restoration


    The photograph above is my Great Grandpa and my Great Grandmother, it was given to me recently by my Great Aunt to see if I could give it a new lease of life. It was actually worse than it looked here because it was more of a sepia and the dark lines across the photograph were some sort of red pen or wax. 

    After half an hour in Photoshop I have managed to remove all the substantial marks without loosing too much of the original picture. 

    If you or your family have any old photographs that you wish to have revived, please dont hesitate to get in touch. 

  • The Soverign Art Foundation School Art Prize

    The Soverign Art Foundation School Art Prize

    Last Thursday was the The Soverign Art Foundation School Art Prize, I was asked to attend and shoot the event. It was inspiring to see some great work from School Leavers from all around the Island. 

    If you wish to see the event photographs, order prints or download free digitals please follow the link below.

  • Auburn Gardens

     Auburn Gardens

    A fellow ex Grange House student went down a different path to me, yet still a creative one! I met up with Jack from Auburn Gardens last night to photograph one he was just finishing. I think he has done an amazing job with this garden, I admit I didn't see it before but I bet it has been quite the transformation. 

    If you would like to see more of Jack's work or get in contact with him about a project fo your own follow the below link to his facebook page -

  • James Harrison

    James Harrison

    As we speak James is swimming the English channel from what I can work out it looks like he is around half way, aiming to finish around 10:00 pm this evening. I cant imagine what sort of mindset you must have to be in to complete such a challenge. When I met with him at Petit Bot to take the above photo he had told me he was confident and that he had been training hard. I heard on the readio earlier that the conditions today were far from ideal so I wish him the best of luck. 

    If you wish to donate to his chosen charity Just Giving, click on the link below. He has allready gone way over his target amount lets see how much more he can raise!

    You can also check on his progress via this link -

  • Wedding fayre this Sunday!

    For any couples that are engaged or thinking about getting married I will be at The Peninsula Hotel for their wedding fayre this Sunday. The fayre is from 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM. Come along and say hi. If you haven't chosen your dress yet there is a catwalk at 4:00 PM. Any booking I take at the fayre will receive 10% off.

  • Should I hire a professional photographer for my wedding?

    As a photographer living in Guernsey and also planning my own wedding next year, I have had time to reflect on what it is like to be a client. There are some fantastic photographers in Guernsey from amateurs to long seasoned professionals, so how do you pick someone for your big day? 

    Budget is often the biggest restriction on who you can book, but bare in mind photography shouldn't be your default cut back. In short you get what you pay for. If it seems too cheap it probably is and if it is too expensive speak to the photographer and see if there is any leeway or ways you can save. Photography may seem like a budget sponge but they are not only your memories of the day but my clients tell me that I capture a lot of things they missed. 

    Style is another big player, some prefer the more traditional approach, church, posed couple shots, family line ups, speeches, cake cut and first dance. I prefer to record a day as it happens without taking any posed shots other than a few line ups. I know don't want to look back at my wedding photographs and remember the photographer telling me where to stand and how to smile, I want to look back and see what a great day we had with out friends and family around us. 

    Recommendations, reviews, following and experience are something else worth checking out, you want to know your in safe hands and that they are going to show up on the day. I have been shooting weddings for 6 years now and have learnt a lot since I started out. I am now at a level that I can relax have a good time and capture beautiful reportage wedding photos without overthinking things. If alarm bells ring about your photographer, please please do your research. 

    All the gear and no idea. It seems everyday on Facebook I see someone else advertising themselves a photographer. I will put my hands up when I started out, I created myself a myspace page but it was a hobby page not a business. I think people are too keen to make a quick buck to pay off the expensive camera they just bought, before they have learnt to use it. 

    Unplugged weddings are becoming more popular where guests are asked to leave phones and cameras at home. This makes photographers and people in general uneasy but it can be rewarding in a sense that when you walk down the aisle you cant just see phones but peoples faces. It also stops the crazy uncle phenomena who likes to follow you around all day just incase you miss a shot... 

    What ever your budget check what your getting for your cash, the cheapest photographer can quickly become the most expensive if you have to pay a fee for high res files, or you have to go through them for albums and prints. Also beware of packages and fluffy bits, people often list things in a way that makes it look like your getting more for your money. Theres nothing wrong with that its business, but make sure you know what you are getting and for what cost. 

    Finally, what clarifies someone as a professional, well some people would say someone who does it full time as their job, others might say someone who has been away to university to get a degree in photography. In my opinion its someone trustworthy who produces great results. 

    Please visit for my work, rates and contact information.

    Link to wedding gallery -

  • In Print.

    In Print.

    As a photographer in this day and age, it’s so often that your work gets hidden away on website banners and all things digital. Thats why when offered the job of photographing some of the people, that are well known in this island for the Guernsey election campaign I jumped at it. Its great to see your photographs printed on banners, posters and even milk cartons. And see people actually using something with your work on it. 

    Until recently I have photographed for magazines locally. I have been involved with, Contact Magazine, The Rock, Gallery magazine, GBG and GSY Life. Anyone thats been involved with publications of this sort will tell you that they are demanding and not particularly financially rewarding. But there is something attractive about seeing your work in print all around you and a sense of satisfaction when each magazine goes to bed. 

    I would encourage people to send off for prints if they dabble in photography, holding something in your hand and looking at it often gives you a much better view than looking at it on your laptop. I recommend for reasonably priced prints and great service. 


    Knowing that your gear is good to go should be important for every photographer, sometimes I will be asked to shoot a job with only a moment’s notice. Keeping everything in it’s own place, charged and clean is the key to always being ready to shoot. Everything I carry is important to me. It allows me to cover a vast range of different jobs. A couple of other things I often carry are a small reflector that I most often use for fashion/beauty work or it’s also useful when shooting in natural light. A lens cloth for on the job cleaning is a must and spare batteries for my speedlights. I also pack my bag with silca packs to keep moisture at bay.




    I own two bags, I have had my main bag around five years and I still can’t find fault. It is a Tamrac Expedition, big comfy and well balanced with two front straps, one around the waist and the other around the chest. The other is a much smaller and lighter Manfrotto 20, which I usually only get out for weddings. I do like the Manfrotto for what it is, but it has much less padding and feels generally cheaper. The straps are less ergonomic on the Manfrotto and can become tedious to carry.




    It seems to take forever to get through batteries on the 5D Mkiii, but making sure you have spares is essential. I usually work with the battery packs on my cameras, apart from at weddings where I shoot with two cameras, so to keep weight down I remove them. I have had good experiences with after market batteries but always tend to grab the genuine Canon ones first. For safety I keep two memory cards in my cameras knowing that if one of my cards fails I have an automatic backup. I was told it was good practice to shoot on smaller cards in case of a failure, but recently I changed from using 8gb CF card with a 32gb SD card to a 32gb CF with a 32gb SD. I realised I was more likely to loose a card than it was for it to fail. When a memory card is full and you have downloaded your images and backed them up you should format your SD and CF cards instead of just deleting the images.




    Working in Guernsey there is great diversity, from sterile environments, to dusty workshops. I need to clean my camera and lens’s regularly. You should start by being in as close to a dust free environment as possible, then get a blower and blow any visible dust. Use this in conjunction with a lens brush. Next spray a small amount of lens cleaning fluid on a suitable cloth, and wipe in small circular motions. If you still have something stubborn try a lens pen. If spots appear on your photos it may be that you have a dirty sensor, take it to a professional and have them clean it for you. A top tip is to always keep a filter on your lenses that way it’s just the filter that gets dirty or scratched and not your lens. I use standard UV filters on all of my lenses.




    Your kit is there to be used, my cameras never look pristine because they are used daily. As long as you keep on top of your equipment it should last you a long time, keep a good value and carry on being reliable. Everything in my bag is a tool that allows me to do my job in an effective and efficient way. There is no point having an immaculate camera and no photographs to show for it. 

  • Seascape with the Hama Variable ND Filter.

    I usually avoid landscape or seascape photography, a lack of patience, cold weather and getting my feet wet have always put me off. I recently bought a Hama variable ND filter, mainly for studio work, so that I can get most out of my lights when using a small aperture. Today I decided to venture outdoors and give it a try. I was aware when I bought it that I wouldn't be able to use it at the more dense end of the filter, due to some dark cross that appears. In true Guernsey style I decided that I didn’t want to drive all the way to Fort Grey, so headed for the bathing pools instead. I was happy with the photographs that I took, even if I did get a wet. Here is a selection of photos that were taken with a Canon 5d mkiii with a 17 - 40mm F4 L USM lens and the Hama Variable ND filter. 

    Etienne Laine